A non-so-writerly update

So, I kind of forgot I didn't have anything scheduled for the June update. So... Writing: Burnt Silver: we're not discussing it. Secret MG Project: Still not done. Grr. By the end of July, I swear. This thing WILL stop growing and it WILL. BE. FINISHED. Short Stories: ha. *mumbles incoherently* HOWEVER! I critiqued a … Continue reading A non-so-writerly update

5 Minutes with K. M. Carroll

Today's author is a gal who I got to know a few years ago, as I was starting to write my own urban fantasy. Kessie was super helpful, and her own books are quite a lot of fun! *Tell us a little bit about yourself/your novel: I'm Kessie Carroll, writing under K.M. Carroll. I live … Continue reading 5 Minutes with K. M. Carroll