Killing Her Practical Side

Just a dumb little short story that reflects the thoughts of most writers... đŸ˜‰ *** Click, click, click... The barbarian king mercilessly threw his hordes against the walls, and there seemed to be no end of the berserk fighters from the North… Something shifted under her. She tried to ignore it, but there was a … Continue reading Killing Her Practical Side

Don’t Lump Me With Them

I've held my tongue for a while now. Through the Bill Gothard/ATI scandals. Through the Doug Phillips/Vision Forum scandal. But now the new story that has everyone upset is that Josh Duggar, one of the oh-so-famous Duggars from 19 Kids And Counting, sexually molested several young girls when he was a teen. I'm not going … Continue reading Don’t Lump Me With Them