5 Minutes With Kat Heckenbach

Another fellow Realmie is here with us today. Kat and I have been online friends for long enough that I really can’t remember when we first “met”. The first time we saw each other in person was at the very first Realm Makers four years ago. She’s a fantastic person who is a bit ofContinue reading “5 Minutes With Kat Heckenbach”

Geek Feast Blog Hop

From Redwall to the Imager Chronicles, the Hunger Games to the Lord of the Rings, good food plays a huge part in the spec-fic novels we all love. Surely I can’t be the only one who has wanted to try Lembas, or whose mouth watered at the descriptions of the feasts set in the red-stoneContinue reading “Geek Feast Blog Hop”

5 Minute Interview With David G. Johnson

Welcome to the second segment of the 5 Minutes With author interviews! Today we’re hearing from David G. Johnson. I “met” David online on a writers’ FB group that I joined, beta-read his noir detective novel The Woman in Blue,¬†and recently just finished reading the three books in his¬†Chadash Chronicles series. I found them especiallyContinue reading “5 Minute Interview With David G. Johnson”