NAF Post: Alphabet Blogging, G is for…

Growing. There are so many jobs that fall on an author’s shoulders nowadays. Not only do we have to be continually honing the craft of writing, but we have to be marketers and savvy business managers. We have to have at least rudimentary grasp of the publishing world, how to tell if contracts are anyContinue reading “NAF Post: Alphabet Blogging, G is for…”

How To Deal With Rebellious Characters

~*~This is a short story I wrote several years ago. It’s not semi-autobiographical at all </sarcasm> 🙂 ~*~ I was late. Again. I’m in for a scolding from Jamesley, that’s for certain! I yanked open the door to my office in the back yard and scanned the snug room. Miss Margot was there, fanning herselfContinue reading “How To Deal With Rebellious Characters”