Reno, Realmies, and Really Awesome Fellow Nerds

I’m back! *mumbles* what day is it again? *rubs eyes mole-ishly* what was I going to talk about again? Ah yes. Realm Makers! If you’ve hung around my web space for very long, you’ve discovered I’m pretty obsessed with Realm Makers, which is a Christian speculative fiction conference founded by Scott and Becky Minor. MyContinue reading “Reno, Realmies, and Really Awesome Fellow Nerds”

5 Minutes With Mike Duran

Mike has been writing fascinating articles on his blog for years, which was how I first heard of him and a urban fantasy/paranormal story he was working on, Ghost Box. If you want in-depth discussion on pop culture and theology, his website and Facebook are absolutely some of the best places to hang out. 🙂Continue reading “5 Minutes With Mike Duran”

5 Minutes With Grace Bridges

Grace is one of the first folks I met when I began making connections in the writing world. She’d just begun the publishing journey with running Splashdown Books, and she’s been such an encouragement and fount of knowledge in my own publishing and writing journey. I recently got to read Rotovegas and I’m super excited toContinue reading “5 Minutes With Grace Bridges”