5 Minutes With H. L. Burke

Welcome H. L. Burke! *Tell us a little bit about yourself/your novel:–I’m a military wife, mother, and dragon keeper and I also obsessively write fantasy novels while under the influence of caffeine. Coiled is a fairy tale/mythological retelling that features a cursed prince and princess pair … and giant snakes. I’ve always enjoyed versions ofContinue reading “5 Minutes With H. L. Burke”

5 Minutes With Kat Heckenbach

Another fellow Realmie is here with us today. Kat and I have been online friends for long enough that I really can’t remember when we first “met”. The first time we saw each other in person was at the very first Realm Makers four years ago. She’s a fantastic person who is a bit ofContinue reading “5 Minutes With Kat Heckenbach”

5 Minutes with K. M. Carroll

Today’s author is a gal who I got to know a few years ago, as I was starting to write my own urban fantasy. Kessie was super helpful, and her own books are quite a lot of fun! *Tell us a little bit about yourself/your novel: I’m Kessie Carroll, writing under K.M. Carroll. I liveContinue reading “5 Minutes with K. M. Carroll”

5 Minutes with Mirriam Neal

I first “met” Mirriam online in a FB writers group…err…five years ago? Four? It’s been a while. She’s a sweet and really fun person! I had the privilege of reading this book a year or two ago when Mirriam first wrote it. It is the perfect book to read while snuggled down in a blanketContinue reading “5 Minutes with Mirriam Neal”

5 Minute Interview With David G. Johnson

Welcome to the second segment of the 5 Minutes With author interviews! Today we’re hearing from David G. Johnson. I “met” David online on a writers’ FB group that I joined, beta-read his noir detective novel The Woman in Blue, and recently just finished reading the three books in his Chadash Chronicles series. I found them especiallyContinue reading “5 Minute Interview With David G. Johnson”