Reno, Realmies, and Really Awesome Fellow Nerds

I’m back! *mumbles* what day is it again? *rubs eyes mole-ishly* what was I going to talk about again? Ah yes. Realm Makers! If you’ve hung around my web space for very long, you’ve discovered I’m pretty obsessed with Realm Makers, which is a Christian speculative fiction conference founded by Scott and Becky Minor. MyContinue reading “Reno, Realmies, and Really Awesome Fellow Nerds”

5 Minutes With Mike Duran

Mike has been writing fascinating articles on his blog for years, which was how I first heard of him and a urban fantasy/paranormal story he was working on, Ghost Box. If you want in-depth discussion on pop culture and theology, his website and Facebook are absolutely some of the best places to hang out. ๐Ÿ™‚Continue reading “5 Minutes With Mike Duran”