5 Minutes With Janeen Ippolito and Julia Busko

Welcome to another interview! Again, these ladies are fellow Realmies, and I honestly don’t remember when I met them, except that it was online. Janeen and I met in person at Realm Makers 2015, and this year I managed to at least say hi to Julia this year (she had THE MOST FABULOUS costume of The Last Unicorn and I’m a wee bit jealous and… *ahem* okay, back on track.) This is the first time I’ve interviewed co-authors, so this should be fun! 😀

*Tell us a little bit about yourself/your novel: 2016juliaheadshot

JB: My name is Julia Busko, and I’m a freelance illustrator stationed out of Lancaster, PA. I’m a storyteller who has WAY too many worlds in her head and the story of Blood Mercy is actually the story that brought Janeen and I together as friends.

JI: Janeen Ippolito here! Extroverted, collaborator, writer, teacher, reviewer, sword-fighter, and someone who gets on Facebook to INCREASE productivity (radical, I know!) Seeing Blood Mercy come to life is a fantastic experience after all the sweat and tears Julia and I put into constructing it over the years.

*What’s the funniest/weirdest thing you’ve ever had to research for a story?
JB: … I’m fairly certain I’ve blocked out most of them. I’m pretty sure that according to my search history, I’d be portrayed as a serial killer who is sensible about recycling. Hahaha. I’d have to say that currently, the search the freaked me out the most was “drowned body.” Don’t google it. Just… yeah. Wouldn’t suggest it.

JI: Um, I don’t think anything is particularly weird. How addictive heroin (very), the electromagnetic spectrum (very cool), and birds in mythology (also cool). I think what I found most interesting was researching poisonous plants – it’s fascinating that the most deadly plants can also be the most healing in the right preparations!

*Where do you usually write? Can you describe it?

JB: Generally I write while sitting on one of my couches. In the livingroom, we have a SUPER comfy floral couch facing our projector screen. When not there, I crash my husband’s den and chill out on our retro green couch (it’s from the 50’s and LOOKS like it) while he is either working or playing Skyrim. I suffer from Raynaud’s, so there’s generally a fuzzy blanket involved when I’m writing. Or a oscillating fan, if it’s summer.

JI: On the couch where everyone is. I do better when I’m around people vs. being alone. It’s better for accountability and for moral support. I’m a ridiculously social writer.

*Do you have a strange quirk or habit while writing or preparing to write?

JB: Not that I know of? I’m not sure. Janeen would probably be able to answer this better than I can.

JI: ALL THE POSSIBILITIES. When Julia and I collaborate, the only cardinal rule is that there is NO dissing of the brainstorming. All the ideas must be thoroughly explored, even if you have to work the next day (unless it is getting super-duper late, in which case there is a reluctant rain check). Also, stopping the writing process to find new songs or look at goofy videos is always acceptable. Until Janeen gets antsy and starts threatening to write without Julia (which rarely happens, but some nights…). Um, oh and everything must, must MUST have a Pinterest board.

* Can you give us a hint of where the story is going next?

JB: Let’s just say that reconciliation is a beautiful thing, And not all of the Talamar’s secrets are their own.

JI: Agreed. The Talamars are on the plate – expect all the flair, drama, glitz, and emotional instability/narcissism. And fighting. And goldfish. But also humor. We always bring the humor (that’s how we get away with the dark feels). AND there is totally an HEA, even if it isn’t what you’d expect.

thanks for joining me here, ladies! I am so looking forward to reading this book! Her’es more about Blood Mercy: Thicker Than Water:

What would you do if the one you loved was turned into a monster?Houses of the Dead cover

Melrose Durante brings order. As founder of the Houses of the Dead, he tirelessly opposes the vampires, and provides refuge for the Blood Kind, those like himself who fight against the blood curse that leads to vampirism. His medical breakthroughs have brought many back from the vampire path. After thousands of years, the Blood Kind finally has the upper hand.

Until a vampire attacks Melrose’s family, then begs for asylum. To his friends she’s Lucy, a disturbed young woman prone to incoherent rants, warning of an imminent attack by vampire leader, Conan. But to Melrose she’s something more.

His lost wife, Jane.

One thing is clear – time is running out. In five days Conan will attack Quebec City, killing or enslaving all in his way. If Melrose cannot unlock his wife’s tormented mind, even his immortal wisdom may not be enough to save Quebec City, the Blood Kind, and the Houses of the Dead.

Check it out on Amazon!

The authors’ online hangouts:

Janeen: Facebook| Instagram| Website

Julia: Facebook| Instagram| Website

Published by H. A. Titus

H. A. Titus is usually found with her nose in a book or spinning story-worlds in her head. Her love affair with fantasy began at age twelve, when her dad handed her The Lord of the Rings after listening to it on tape during a family vacation. Her stories have been published in Digital Dragon Magazine, Residential Aliens Magazine, and four anthologies: Alternative Witness; Avenir Eclectia Volume 1; The Tanist's Wife and Other Stories; and Different Dragons Volume II. In December 2013, her short story "Dragon Dance" won Honorable Mention in a Writers of the Future contest. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior with her meteorologist husband and young son, who do their best to ensure she occasionally emerges into the real world. When she's not writing, she can be found rock-climbing, skiing, or hanging out at her online home, hatitus.wordpress.com.

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