September check-in

UpdateAnother month just went flying by, and I’m still not entirely sure where it went or what happened. Story of my life nowadays, it seems.

September saw the last of the jet-skiing and swimming, and while we’re still on our bikes14520604_1260856453935893_1664918853133711673_n occasionally, today saw the first of our fall hikes. Justin winterized the dirtbike, jetski, and camper yesterday, and I’m sure he’ll start tinkering with the snowmobile soon. I’ve begun preschool with Toby, and between that, housework, projects, writing, and fiberwork, I’ve found I have a lot less time for reading–something that I never, ever though would ever happen.

Speaking of fiberwork, I’ve been working on a commission for a friend–some stuffies of Willoughby, the dragon in her children’s book. They’re so adorable, and I can’t want to share pictures!


  1. Misfits (previously known as The Secret Project) is currently on hold, but hopefully not for long
  2. I’m almost done with rewriting Slag and hope to get it out to critique partners within a week. My goal is still to release this novella this year, so here’s hoping that happens!

That’s about it! I’m still trying to figure out if I have time for NaNoWriMo this year…I’m guessing probably not, but I’d still like to try. What is this madness?!?

How was your September?

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