Your regularly scheduled program…

*chirping crickets*

Have you ever simultaneously tried to keep up with your writing schedule, prepped for a conference (which includes making things to sell and making your costume at only two and a half weeks to go), prepped for visiting relatives, dealt with a teething baby, and kept to your normal blogging schedule?

I’m definitely at the point of wanting to curl up under my blanket and pretend the world doesn’t exist.

Next week will be the one year anniversary of the publication of Forged Steel, and also my birthday! So in a very Hobbit-like spirit, Forged Steel will be free for three days (17-19th) and on sale for several days after that. If you haven’t gotten it yet, snatch it up! (Also I’ll have discounted print copies at Realm Makers this year in case you’re going to be there and want a print copy.)

The week after, I’m hosting the wonderful Kat Heckenbach for a 5 Minutes interview.

And the week after that, I’m going to be at Realm Makers, so there’s going to be more chirping crickets.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go turn into Wonder Woman and accomplish seventeen million things today. Because I promised Toby we’d go to the firefighters competition tomorrow afternoon, and I’m not going to miss that even if it does mean my mom might cringe a little when she walks into the house tomorrow night. (Sorry mom. I got grandma’s cleaning gene after all.) 😉

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