A non-so-writerly update

UpdateSo, I kind of forgot I didn’t have anything scheduled for the June update. So…


Burnt Silver: we’re not discussing it.

Secret MG Project: Still not done. Grr. By the end of July, I swear. This thing WILL stop growing and it WILL. BE. FINISHED.

Short Stories: ha. *mumbles incoherently*

HOWEVER! I critiqued a book, beta read a book, AND formatted a book for three different friends in June. So hours were logged at the computer, just not writing my own stuff.

Personal stuff:

I’ve done a lot of biking. And several days at the lake. Oh yes, and we broke our trailer axle on the way out to the lake last week…that was a bit of an adventure, seeing smoke suddenly billowing from the back of our trailer. So that puts a bit of a kink in our biking plans, because we can’t really transport our ridiculous set-ups without the trailer. (well, we can…it just takes a lot more set up and tear down and with a hyperactive little toddler and a crabby teething baby, both of whom cannot wait one more second to get the trip started…we like to minimize that time as much as possible.) 😛

Our Missouri trip was successful! And no one got too terribly cranky during the car rides. (much.) I crocheted cousins Elsie and Judah (or “Jujah” as he is fondly known in this household) sun hats so they matched Jase. We didn’t get a picture of the cousins in their matching hats. *head desk* I still haven’t sewn the buttons on my Multiplicity shawl, nor have I finished casting off on the shawlette I started knitting right before the trip. (picot bind off, how I hate thee.) I HAVE however cast on a winter hat for Justin, because I felt guilty that my dog ate a hole in his hat last year. (yes, I know it’s July, but trust me, if I don’t do it now, it won’t get done. also I’ve set myself up for a lot of Christmas knitting and I’m guessing that will pretty much be it for the rest of the year…) Toby has requested a matching hat (and what the heck, I have a skein left over so I’ll probably make one for him and maybe one for Jase if I have enough leftovers)…basically I have a whole queue of projects. Which makes me happy, because I honestly love projects.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in July I’m not only going to make costumes for Jase and me, but crochet stuff to sell at Realm Makers. Yeah. I’m a nutcase. I need to go back to sleeping 6 hours a night. It’s all good. 😀

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