An April Fools Update

As writing went, March was a bit hit and miss, but overall much better than I’d anticipated for having had a baby Feb 28th. I’d originally planned to take the entire month off, but sionce Jase was doing so well sleeping and Toby was adjusting well to having another kid around, I started writing a couple of days a week around the middle of March.

I tried really hard to keep the pressure off myself and worked on whatever I felt like, so here’s what that looked like:

*Burnt Silver: not really anything in the way of word count, but I tweaked a few things and did a lot of brainstorming. It’s looking less and less likely that I’ll have this one ready to go by the fall…maybe by Christmas? Here’s hoping.

*Secret Project: wrote about 3,000 words in this total, I think. Thoroughly enjoying myself and the characters.

*Blood Mage: this is a short story set in a Renaissance-Italy type of world, with a magic system that is to date probably one of my most complicated. Totally loving it, probably will write a novel set in this world at some point. Wrote about 1,000 words.

*Stealing From the Wolves: a short story completed at 3,000 words and written over the course of two days. I got so into this one I wrote about half of it on my phone while nursing Jase! My first story based off a Pinterest prompt. I’d like to have this one edited and sent to magazines by the end of April.

Lifewise, everything has been good! I’m getting back into exercising and enjoying time with my boys. I’ve had a few depressed or cranky days, but I’m attributing those to either hormones or cabin fever–it’s not unusual this time of year for me. The cold weather keeps hanging on, but it’s that lovely time of year where it’s too slushy to do anything outside, but you’re sick of everything you can do indoors. We all have cabin fever pretty badly–and you know it’s bad when I’m willing to actually go grocery shopping by myself just to get out of the house! Seriously can’t wait to go biking–that’s my favorite warm weather activity.


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