I’m late, I’m late, a Very Important Date

I’ve kind of felt like the White Rabbit the last few weeks–besides a couple of my writing friends deciding to work on Alice In Wonderland re-imaginings (and me getting my own idea for an Alice story), I’ve finally decided on a release date for Forged Steel.

July 17th, I thought, would be a good one. It would be out for a couple of weeks before Realm Makers, which meant I’d probably have time to order some print copies to take to Realm Makers and put in the book store, and also give some folks time to order it online if they so wished before coming to Realm Makers.

July 17th also happens to be my 26th birthday, and it seemed fitting to me to make this my birthday present to myself, to finally get my book out there like I’ve dreamed of since I was 12 years old.

Cue the scramble of lists, the scribbling of final edits, and the researching of covers and formatting and ohmygosh PRINT FORMATTING and…yeah. I’m so worried and nervous that I won’t get it right because this is my first time doing any of this…but I want to present Forged Steel in a professional matter. Looking as good as a publisher is a big deal to me. So I’ve been nitpicking over every single little detail and probably driving a few people batty.

Oh, and setting up a business and getting paperwork filed and…urgh. Paperwork. -__-


OK, whew. I’m switching back and forth between uploading a proof copy and writing this blog as I wait for the copy to load, and I just thought it had completely messed up my formatting and completely deleted a few pages…then I realized that I’d just uploaded an old proof copy.

Geez. See what I mean? Tech stuff like this does not come easily to me.

But I was heartened over the weekend, because my friend Mary Ruth Pursselley uploaded an ebook I’d formatted for her as part of our Magical Ink Media author co-op (go check the book out here! I love the stories in it!), and the formatting was pretty much on point. Not bad, I thought, for this being the first time I’d ever formatted an ebook. It gives me hope that I’ll be able to do a good job at my own book after all.

It’s just…you know. A lot of crossing t’s and dotting i’s and making sure everything looks OK. Not nearly as interesting as actually writing the book, though I have to say that it makes more logical sense than writing a book. At least the computer has (thus far) been predictable in what it’s going to do, unlike certain characters of mine *ahem, Eliaster*.

So. That’s what I’ve been doing. I got the final cover two days ago (IT LOOKS AWESOME), and I just ordered a proof copy. This is going to happen! 😀

Published by H. A. Titus

H. A. Titus is usually found with her nose in a book or spinning story-worlds in her head. Her love affair with fantasy began at age twelve, when her dad handed her The Lord of the Rings after listening to it on tape during a family vacation. Her stories have been published in Digital Dragon Magazine, Residential Aliens Magazine, and four anthologies: Alternative Witness; Avenir Eclectia Volume 1; The Tanist's Wife and Other Stories; and Different Dragons Volume II. In December 2013, her short story "Dragon Dance" won Honorable Mention in a Writers of the Future contest. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior with her meteorologist husband and young son, who do their best to ensure she occasionally emerges into the real world. When she's not writing, she can be found rock-climbing, skiing, or hanging out at her online home, hatitus.wordpress.com.

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