Covers and fun stuff

I’m not an artist. Once upon a time I aspired to be one. And at once point in my life, I could actually draw decent dragons, weapons, and maps. Over the last few years though, I’ve focused on my writing, and so my drawing skills have fallen into severe decline.

I’d always kind of thought this extended to making my own book covers. But turns out if you have a good eye for design and art, you can make okay covers for your stuff.

I recently started posting on Wattpad and knew I needed covers for the stories I posted. For the more complicated one, the SuperWhoLock cover, I asked my favorite cover artist/good friend LoriAnn. She’s been making fun covers for my stuff for…gosh. Quite a while now. She’s really, really good. She made an awesome cover for Forged Steel “on a whim” and it exactly captures the feel of the book. (Depending on how things go, you guys might get to see that cover posted here soon…)

When the Shadows RageSo she made this for the SuperWhoLock. Which is awesome, because there’s basically no way I could do that.

a10coverThis is the one I did that I’m most proud of. Basically because The image works really well with the story and it was super simple to make–just crop and stick in some text and done.

interactioncoverThis one isn’t awesome, but it works for the story it goes with. I really need to work at getting better with this. Sometime during this holiday season I’m going to start playing around more with GIMP and this cool site called Canva that a friend introduced me too, and see if I can’t start churning out some better covers. Mostly for Wattpad stuff. Anything that I’m actually putting up for sale, I’ll probably still hire LoriAnn, because she’s way better at this than I am and I’m a bit too lazy busy to actually put in all the work that making super-awesome covers requires. But I don’t want to give up at least making mock-up covers for my stories, because it kind of makes me feel like I’m sort of indulging the side of my that still wants to be a good artist.

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