Where are the Christian SF movies?

Apparently the Kendrick brothers have wrapped up filming with their 5th movie, a movie focused on the “power of prayer”.

Pardon me while I yawn and go back to reading my fantasy and science fiction novels and watching Doctor Who.

*sigh* OK, I’d better clarify before someone jumps all over me for dismissing the power of prayer. YES, I know prayer in a Christian’s life is important. I GET that. Trust me.

But I still can’t help but yawn. I’m so tired of seeing these types of films coming from Christians. Not just the heavy-handedness with the message (though I have plenty to say about that too, trust me), but because every single film I’ve ever seen from a Christian company is a real-life type of setting, and I’m so tired of it.

Where are the Christians making science fiction and fantasy films?

Seriously, do these people even realize how big of an industry science fiction and fantasy is? HUGE. And growing. There’s so much room for potential in that sort of market. Blatantly Christian, Christian worldview, non-Christian but clean…I just see a big potential market for those sorts of films and tv shows. I’d be thrilled if we could actually be ahead of the curve for once.

Anyone else feel the same?


One thought on “Where are the Christian SF movies?

  1. Andrea Graham says:

    I wish someone would make movies based on my books! In all seriousness, though, while I’m far from the best author for scriptwriters to look to for inspiration, the greater problem is how much CGI special effects a sci-fi flick needs and how limited Christian filmmakers’ budgets are. If this is important to you, let’s start a kickstarter/crowdsourcing campaign. When we’ve raised 10-200 million, I’m sure someone will take us up on our request for a Christian sci-fi flick.

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