55 Book Related Questions

1. Favorite childhood book? The Wind In the Willows. Still a favorite today.

2. What are you reading right now? Judgement at Proteus (Quadrail Book 5) by Timothy Zahn.
3. What books do you have on request at the library? None. Since I live out of town, it costs a LOT to get a library card. So I instead compensate with an Audible subscription ($15/month for an audiobook…a steal IMO) and a subscription to Amazon Prime.Kindle Unlimited ($80/year)…which all together is still cheaper than what I’d have to pay for a library card.
4. Bad book habit? Reading 6-7 books at a time, depending on how interested I am in them and where I am in the house. (Yes, I’m too lazy to go get a book if it’s upstairs in my bedroom.)
5. What do you currently have checked out at the library? Nothing.
6. Do you have an e-reader? Yep! I have a Kindle and my iPhone has the Kindle, Kobo, and IBook apps on it. J
7. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once? I prefer I read one at a time, but…see above. Laziness.
8. Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog? I’ve become more picky about what I read.
9. Least favourite book you read this year (so far)? Night Angel by Brent Weeks. I couldn’t even get a quarter of the way in. There’s such a thing as wallowing in/showing TOO much of a character’s horribly abusive backstory…
10. Favorite book you’ve read this year? Warbreaker, The Rithmatist (Brandon Sanderson), the Artemis Fowl series (Eoin Colfer), The Quadrail series (Timothy Zahn)…
11. How often do you read out of your comfort zone? Not very often.
12. What is your reading comfort zone? Anything spec-fic, but mostly stuff on the fantasy end of the spectrum (urban fantasy, steampunk, epic fantasy, paranormal). I’ve been trying to get more into some science fiction, but it’s difficult, because I don’t like “hard sci-fi”…too much of it goes over my head.
13. Can you read in the car? Yup.
14. Favorite place to read? Curled up in the corner of the couch. Or in my hammock if the weather is nice.
15. What is your policy on book lending? I love lending books! But I expect people to treat them carefully.
16. Do you ever dog-ear books? Yep. It’s more convenient than a bookmark, and it gives my books a nice, worn-in, well-read look. The exceptions to these are borrowed/library books.
17. Do you ever write in the margins of your books? Mostly non-fic. I have notes in the Annotated version of the Firebird Trilogy (Kathy Tyers), but I figured since she’d annotated it, I may as well treat it like a textbook.
18. Not even with text books? See previous answer.
19. What is your favourite language to read in? English.
20. What makes you love a book? Plot has to be good, and characters have to be believable. Oh, and things like over-describing the romantic interest are not the way to make me happy.
22. Favorite genre? Whimsical fantasy, i.e. anything by Patricia C Wrede or Diana Wynn Jones.
23. Genre you rarely read (but wish you did)? Classics. And non-fic. The classics I could care less about—I don’t like to read books purely because I’ve been told I should…but I truly regret the non-fic.
24. Favourite biography? I seldom read biographies…need to work on that.
25. Have you ever read a self-help book? Nope.
26. Favourite cookbook? Pinterest. 😉
27. Most inspirational book you’ve read this year (fiction or non-fiction)? Imagine: A Vision For Christians In the Arts by Steve Turner. Really wish I’d read it years ago…
28. Favorite reading snack? Rice crackers.

29. Name a case in which hype ruined your reading experience. The Clockwork Prince. Oh, the first one was so good…and the second one had lots of praise…and it fell SO FLAT. Ugh. I mean, really, how many times can you use the word “beautiful” to describe the two boys in the love triangle before your readers get annoyed? (Answer: once.)
30. How often do you agree with critics about a book? 40-50%?
31. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews? Not too bad. If it’s a crappy book, I don’t want anyone else to waste time with it. The exception would be if I know the author, because then I not only feel like I might offend them, but I likely know how much work was put into the book, and that just makes me wince.
32. If you could read in a foreign language, which language would you chose? German. J
33. Most intimidating book you’ve ever read? Treasure Island, just because I had tried to read it six times before I finally got through it all. I loathed it.
34. Most intimidating book you’re too nervous to begin? War and Peace.
35. Favorite Poet? Charlotte Rossitti or T. S. Eliot. Or Robert Browning.
36. How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time? Whjen I went ot eh library frequently, I usually checked out 10 or so. But I visited multiple times a week. (This was back before children, and when I lived in town 2 miles away from the library.)
37. How often have you returned books to the library unread? I can’t think of a single time I’ve ever done this.
38. Favorite fictional character? Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to answer this?!? Fine…Samwise Gamgee, Tris, Four, Kaladin, Renarin, Spook, Howl, Christopher Chant, Keiran…wow, there’s only one girl on the list so far… :P. Fine…Tonks, Luna Lovegood, Bruce McMicking, the Marquis from Neverwhere…I’ll stop now.
39. Favourite fictional villain? The Witch of the Waste, the Modhri.
40. Books I’m most likely to bring on vacation? Whatever is in my TBR stack, plus a familiar old friend.
41. The longest I’ve gone without reading. A couple of weeks? It was horrible.
42. Name a book that you could/would not finish. Again, Night Angel. Ick.
43. What distracts you easily when you’re reading? My son climbing on me, the dog jumping on the couch…short of that or the house falling down around me, nothing.
44. Favorite film adaptation of a novel? Divergent.
45. Most disappointing film adaptation? Eragon. Not that I was a HUGE fan of the books, but still…yeah.
46. The most money I’ve ever spent in the bookstore at one time? $100 from a gift card. If I have a gift card, I will spend it all at once. There are just too many books…
47. How often do you skim a book before reading it? I don’t I look at, in order: the cover; the back cover copy; the first page; sometimes the first chapter. I used to pick a book out and follow my family through the bookstore, reading. Sometimes I would by halfway done before we left the store.
48. What would cause you to stop reading a book half-way through? It’s stupid, it’s a rehashing of a plot I’ve seen a million times before, it has way too much sexuality or foul language (hint…a dozen F-bombs in the first few chapters is unacceptable. As is child abuse. As is an explicit sex scene. C’mon, people, I don’t want to fill my mind with trash. Learn to hint at things. It’s much more powerful anyway.)
49. Do you like to keep your books organized? Yes. Each genre has its shelf (or bookcase), and the books are filed alphabetic by author’s last name. Do not mess with them.
50. Do you prefer to keep books or give them away once you’ve read them? I keep them if I liked them, I give them away via Paperbackswap.com if I disliked them…or throw them in the trash, if they’ve made me angry enough.
51. Are there any books you’ve been avoiding? His Dark Materials Trilogy. I refuse to read it.
52. Name a book that made you angry. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (Tonks! Remus! Really?!?)
53. A book you didn’t expect to like but did? The Girl In the Steel Corset.
54. A book that you expected to like but didn’t? The Jane Eyre Affair
55. Favorite guilt-free, pleasure reading? Mystery novels or chick-lit. (I know…I’m sorry.) 😉

Published by H. A. Titus

H. A. Titus is usually found with her nose in a book or spinning story-worlds in her head. Her love affair with fantasy began at age twelve, when her dad handed her The Lord of the Rings after listening to it on tape during a family vacation. Her stories have been published in Digital Dragon Magazine, Residential Aliens Magazine, and four anthologies: Alternative Witness; Avenir Eclectia Volume 1; The Tanist's Wife and Other Stories; and Different Dragons Volume II. In December 2013, her short story "Dragon Dance" won Honorable Mention in a Writers of the Future contest. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior with her meteorologist husband and young son, who do their best to ensure she occasionally emerges into the real world. When she's not writing, she can be found rock-climbing, skiing, or hanging out at her online home, hatitus.wordpress.com.

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